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SB Summer Camp Program

“The Camp That Love Built” is a program developed in 1978 as a weekend camp to help children with SB enjoy the same life experiences as their peers while fostering independence. It was soon expanded to a weeklong camping program involving high school and college aged “buddies” who work one-to-one with the campers to achieve something approaching independence from parents and caregivers.

It now provides a more enriching experience and meets the growing enthusiasm of the campers and their families. The Camp That Love Built is the only camp in the state of Texas that provides this service to children with SB. It boasts a fully staffed medical facility complete with nurses and a pharmacist to assist in the everyday care needed by the campers, as well as a full week of programs meant to help each child take charge of his own destiny.

Children and young adults with SB are limited on the social and economic choices available to them. Camp provides the chance for them to challenge themselves to become independent of their disability beyond their normal routine. Their lives are dominated by clinic visits, hospital stays and mobility problems; making all “normal activities” of daily living a challenge. By association with peers as well as able-bodied assistants, they can experience the choices available to them through activities meant to foster independence.

For many of the children and even the teenagers, this is the first chance for them to spend a night away from home. They need to be encouraged to become active participants in their own care as well as their continued development. It is important to show every child with SB that, even though they have a disability, they can be anything that they want to be. Some children have a great fear of heights and therefore will not leave the confines of a wheelchair. At camp they can see that not only do others have the same fear, many have overcome that obstacle. They are provided with an environment where they can feel adequate and successful.