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SBHGC 2009 Highlands Gimboree

On Saturday, October 3, 2009 the Highlands Jamboree was held in beautiful Highlands, TX. If you missed this event, you really missed a special treat. Everyone who participated said they had a fun time. Starting off things was a parade with the railroad theme “Get On Board”. There were several floats in the parade representing the theme this year and the SBHGC was no exception. We were represented with three vehicles, one corvette driven by Billy Bounds and two trucks driven by Geneva Parker and Bob Bounds which carried the theme with six beautiful posters. A big thanks to everyone who had a hand in decorating our floats for this event. I don’t know what I would have done without you, especially Rachel Vickery and Paulina Whitley who were responsible for creating the six beautiful posters proudly displayed on our vehicles. Those who rode in the parade and represented the SBHGC this year were: Billy Bounds, Wendy Bounds, Bob Bounds, Alan Montross, Erica Jones, Helen Jones, Christina Lestrer, Eric Lestrer, Geneva Parker, Dory Parker, Paulina Whitley, and Rachel Vickery. The parade was bigger than it’s ever been since the SBHGC began participating in it and everyone had a great time waving and throwing candy at the crowd of onlookers.

At the conclusion of the parade everyone went to Highlands Elementary for the remainder of the day’s festivities. SBHGC had two booths, an inside booth and an outside booth. At the inside booth Robert Maheshwari, Tonie Maheshwari, Erica Jones, and board members Wendy Bounds, Alan Montross, and Helen Jones took turns selling our Adopt A Ghosts. We started out with one hundred Adopt A Ghosts and we sold out of them by 2 pm, a record for us!

Thanks to all who helped in this endeavor. I would especially like to thank Mona Davis who came early to set our booths up. She did a wonderful job. The booths were attractively displayed thanks to her creativity. Thank you Mona! Also, thanks to Alan Montross for providing education concerning folic acid and its role in preventing spina bifida.

At our outside booth, cookies, sodas, and bottled water were sold. The sodas and cookies were a big hit and we sold almost completely out of both before the end of the event at 3 pm. Thanks to everyone who helped sell these items at our outside booth. Everyone did a fantastic job!

A special thanks goes to Geneva Parker, Rachel Vickery, Paulina Whitley, and board members Alan Montross and Dory Parker for staying the entire day to help me with this event. Thanks to everyone who gave of their time and money or contributed in any way to help make the Highlands Jamboree a success! Way to go everyone!