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Camp That Love Built

Camp is held annually for one week in July. This year's camp will be June 27 through July 2, 2021. For questions about applying to camp or becoming a volunteer, please email our Secretary at
Below are some activities we offer. Check out our photo gallery!
Arts & Crafts

Campers have access to a variety of fun arts and crafts to create cherished

mementos from their time at camp.

Dance & Fun

The week of camp ends with a fun, themed party for all campers. Get ready to dance the night away!

Water Activities

From swimming to canoeing, campers get the chance to have some water fun in an adaptive environment.

Animals & Nature

We have an onsite petting zoo for the campers and plenty of fun nature to explore together!

Outdoor Activities

Campers will get a chance to fish and enjoy some great outdoor activities while making amazing memories!

Sports & Games

Campers can participate in a variety of wheelchair sports and fun games with friends!

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