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Tips and Tricks for Camp Applications

Campers and Volunteers applications have officially been sent out! This year we are trying something new by emailing the applications instead of using CampDoc. With this new way of filling out your applications, here are some tips and tricks to complete your application as easy as possible.

Before you can start filling out your application online you must first download “Adobe Acrobat Reader”. It is FREE, if it prompts you to make any type of purchase do not buy the software. The features that come with the free program are all you need to complete your application. To download simply search for the program using Google, Bing, or your device’s search engine.

At the end of the application there is a “camper photo page”. Adobe Reader WILL NOT allow you to insert your photos onto the original application document. When sending your applications back to the required email, please include a second document (use word to create this document) containing these required photos of the camper and insurance cards.

Physician forms are not required to be filled out before applications are due. Please send your application back as complete as possible, even if you have not completed the physician page.

Before you send your application, please make sure to save your document, otherwise a blank copy will be sent and you must start all over (and no one wants to do that)

When filling out your birthday, use the two-digit number instead of the four-number year (use 96 instead of 1996) Please complete applications as soon as possible. By using this new system, we can better organize applications, but cannot do so if we do not have any applications to organize.

If you have any further questions or you have not received your application, please contact a staff member ASAP so we can get your application sent as soon as we can.

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